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Seven Diamond Media

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Cohesive Marketing That Hits The Target


We are an integrated PR, digital, social, creative and advertising agency that caters to the small/medium enterprise.


We create strategies and bring ideas to life, ensuring the maximum ROI for the client. Operating out of Dubai, UAE & a network globally to service our client portfolio providing diversity, cost-effectiveness, and industry-specific strategies.


Beauty is appreciated – functionality and practicality are monetized.

Our Operational Footprint – MENA & South Asian Markets


We do not have the largest team or biggest office in the region or country. We are a motivated team, with excellent industry connections, and a global reach through our proprietary creative bidding platform that delivers consistency, unique products, and timeline efficiency.


B2B, B2C, and Corporate Clients.

Our Industry Specialists Will Give You The Advantage


We are an agency with specialist B2B, B2C, corporate and employee communications teams serving diverse industry sectors. We service healthcare, retail, technology, f&b, travel, and property sectors.


We would also like to service fashion, education, environment, aerospace, public sector and professional services specialists – as we have the capability in our processes and talent to make an impact in these industries too.

Creative Communications Giving You The Advantage


Perceptive marketing strategies and advanced thinking make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary creative communications consultancy. Our core is original thinking, and some agree with us when we say, we create intelligence!

What Keeps Us Busy?

This Is What We Do

the only media solution you need
We Build Brands!



We develop Omni channel PR campaigns that use every tool in the communications and marketing arsenal to build brands and drive sales.


Our DragonsearchTM network of content creators, journalists, digital marketers, designers, filmmakers and event planners deliver splendid communications strategies for b2b and b2c clients.

Getting You Gaining



Experts run faster than generalists because they know the landscape, understand the problems and spot openings to overtake rival brands.


That’s why we have expert marketing and communications teams serving diverse industry sectors including education, food & drink and healthcare.


Our other concentrations include professional services, property, retail and travel.

Going Far And Wide



We use common sense, business logic and creativity to create inspirational PR campaigns with a commercial advantage.


As skillful storytellers, we use words, video, sound, and pictures to create shareable content which spreads like wildfire on social platforms and secures headlines that get talked about in the print, broadcast and online media.

Driven By ROI



B2B Communications is perceived to be less creative than B2C communication requirements – we at Seven Diamond Media don’t agree. We put in the same level of commercial creativity into every B2B campaign as we do with every consumer campaign.


This explains why our clients are pleased with our impactful campaigns that deliver exceptional commercial returns.

Get Them Chatting



Creative intelligence > Seven Diamond Media


Our consumer campaigns are driven by calculated thinking, amazing insights, and great ideas.


They connect the power of cohesive marcoms and the latest technologies to build brands and sales.

Success > Personified



We focus on corporate communication holistically, involving all the stakeholders. Our approach builds sustainable stories across the various levels of necessary communication channels.


Creation of the efficient, implementable strategies is a must, and we at Seven Diamond Media build and execute just that for our client portfolio.

Your View > Effectively Heard



Getting your view and message across to key decision makers is essential, and we know how to do that better efficiently.


Our strategy development is wholly developed with your business in mind and tailored specifically for the unique challenges you face.


Whether it is merely an approval, you are going for or an end to end lobbying effort, we can give you independent and relevant advice.

Inspire > Propel > Partner



Communicating with stakeholders is essential. Many organizations seem to forget the employees as key stakeholders in their business. We don’t believe that this is ignorance, but rather a lack of resources due to focus on core activities. We are there to help.


You are a good company, become a great one! Our internal communications strategies keep employee communications relevant, inspiring and compelling.

Grab The Headlines



We have more journalists on our DragonsearchTM network than most newspapers, magazines or television stations.


When it comes to securing coverage offline or online, we believe we know what we are doing and can give you the best coverage.


If you want to get your message across, knock, and we are there for you!

Networking > $$$



The saying: “It doesn’t matter what you know, but who you know,” stands very accurate in the business world. We develop your existing ‘who’s’ to ready resources and continue the effort to reach more of them.


Effectively getting the message across with great events, conferences, award ceremonies and awesome product launches – all in a day’s work for the team at Seven Diamond Media.

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