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Seven Diamond Media Creatives

Seven Diamond Media Creatives

There are very few creative tasks that we cannot extend to our clients; with our end-trend network of artists, designers, developers, and engineers

From innovative design to app prototyping, and everything in-between. Welcome to the integrated and diverse solution that boosts your brand value

Corporate Identity – Design, Communication, Consistency & Functionality

Design, communication, consistency, and functionality go hand-in-hand. We develop brand identities that are unique and practical. With professional experience across industries, we are confident that we will devise and strengthen your corporate identity, that will be a platform for you to nourish.

Logo Design – Simple, Robust & Functional

Most individuals and organizations get to do this only once or twice in their lifetime. Perfection is vital, and we strive to achieve just that. Your logo represents everything you do, now, tomorrow and the day after, so we ensure that you are served with communication that is simple, robust and functional for your unique business needs.

Sales & Marketing Collateral – Practical, Clean & Diverse

We focus on getting your message through to your audience. Your identity communicates through your brand logo and communication material, so we ensure you get practical, clean, diverse and advanced business collateral materials. Your task is to use them and shine!

Packaging Design – Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent packaging. Some excellent products in the marketplace have some very average packaging and struggle to get noticed on impulse. An integral part of your customer engagement and communication comes right down to the design and packaging. We design and develop intelligent packaging that rightly represents your vision, maintains practicality and functionality in equal proportions.

Website Design – Design, Performance & Functionality

Design, performance, and functionality. This is what we believe in when developing anything for your brand; especially applicable to web design. This is a single point of contact that provides validation and authenticates your products or services, and we excel at communicating your message to the viewer.

Website Development – Adopting The Latest Technologies

Anyone can create a website; you can try it out for yourself (Wix, GoDaddy, WordPress, etc.). Creating a genuinely effective digital experience is something that is reserved for professionals in the industry, like us, who adopt the latest technologies to serve your need. We employ the best practices and ensure that we give you a product that is glitch free, completely customized to your requirements and so beautiful, that some of our clients insist that all the computers in their organization have this set as their homepage.

CMS – A Walk In The Park

Content Management System made to look like a walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day! For the fast-paced, engaged entrepreneur or management, we build CMSs that are perfect in functionality and design, that it enables you to be in the driving seat for your ‘Point of Communication’ tool, to effortlessly allow you to control and manage the content of your website.

E-Commerce Web Development – Developing Bespoke Solutions

A full range of e-commerce tools and technologies are part of our archive, and are ready for deployment from the word ‘go’! Whether a mobile application or a 100% responsive fluid website design – whatever your requirement, we will deliver. Just ask, and we will develop a solution for your online business get discovered to thrive.

Social Media Marketing – We Are Aware

You don’t need an introduction to what this is, you are aware. With your awareness comes the understanding that there is an opportunity to reach masses, like never before, through social media marketing. Enhance your budget, create great campaigns and material by using our in-house team of social media professionals to ensure you get the maximum visibility and efficiency from your $ spend.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Relevant & Effective

Increase relevance, efficiently communicate and come to the top of the hit list when the importance of your business services is sought for. Period!

PPC Advertising – Made Super Easy

Advertising in any form is beneficial if done correctly. Directly or indirectly, people viewing the surroundings sub-consciously register your communicated message. Interest is then triggered through a series of other tools (which we provide by the way; don’t be shy, just ask, and we’ll be happy to discuss the strategy we incorporate to guarantee your brand’s effectiveness and success).

Content Marketing – Creating Stories

Original or not, everyone and everything has a story. We communicate that story with an engaging structure to propel it. Let us devise and deliver your content marketing strategy so that you can focus on your core business offering with the client. To very simply put it, when your customer engages with you directly, you both will feel as though you’ve known each other, like, forever!

Digital Content Strategy – Communicating Your Story

Look at any of your social media accounts, blog, etc. as a medium to engage and communicate your story to your audience. Just like you wouldn’t tell someone your history in the form of “I was drinking out of a sippy cup, and then I closed XYZ million/billion-dollar deal,” similarly your brand must engage with its intended audience to create a sense of familiarity, comfort, and confidence. We are great storytellers, and the story is yours to be told. The right combination of organic and inorganic methodology with persistence, taste and superior communications strategies put us in a position to develop an impressive, structured plan for your unique needs.

Copywriting – 7 Languages

Relevant and to the point, using some of the most sophisticated tools to ensure correctness and fluidity in communicating your unique message to large audiences, which secures their attention and commitment to support your quest for success!